Weapon skills

There are 9 skills that the player will eventually unlock in PlanTechtor. Each of these skills can be equipped onto any of the 3 weapons. A skill will automatically scale it’s powers based on the weapon it is equipped to. Pistol skills trigger significantly faster but are also the weakest. Bazooka skills scale up massively and compound their power, but you only get 6 shots per level. Bow skills sit somewhere between those two; they are good scale and power but require precision aiming.

Fire Bazooka.png


Explodes on hit to apply burning to all enemies in the area. Burning is a small damage over time effect.

Ice Pistols.png


Explodes on hit to apply slow to all enemies in the area. Slow effects both move and attack speed.

Lightning Pistol.png


Explodes on hit to apply vulnerability to all enemies in the area. Vulnerable enemies take more damage from future hits.

Fire, Ice, and Lightning are your staple skills. They are the first you unlock, and they will be valuable tools during the game. Fire is the most versatile damage skill. Ice is a great Utility skill that can still do damage to kill smaller enemies. And Lightning makes every other damage skill even better!

Target Dummy Bazooka.png

Target Dummy

A Unit is placed on the ground where shot. It will taunt nearby enemies to attack it; until the Target Dummy is destroyed.

Stun Bazooka.png


Do no damage with the weapon, but instead completely stun the enemy. It will not attack or move until the stun expires.

Heal Bow.png


Can’t hit enemies, but instead can hit your Gate or your Units. It will heal them when hit.

These are the last of your Utility skills; skills that focus on supporting you instead of directly damaging the enemies. Target Dummy will cause enemies to clump up; making them ripe for an area based skill. Stun will completely lock down a threat while you prepare to take it out. Heal will prolong the usefulness of your Units and keep you in the game longer.

DF Bow.png

Damage Field

Shooting the ground will mark a region. Pulses will periodically damage all enemies in that region. Persists for a short time.

Poison Bow.png


Does significantly more damage, but only to a single target and spread out over a long time.

Turret Pistols.png


Shooting the ground will place a Unit that automatically fires on anything that gets close. The turret looses some health each time it fires.

The last of your damage skills. Poison is the best single-target damage skill in the game. Turrets are a great way to maintain some control over the map; and a great target to Heal. Damage Field can devastate a significant number of enemies if they are clumped together.

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