Intense VR action meets deep strategic planning in PlanTechtor! Design endless weapon loadouts. Create a plan to exploit the level. Then put it to the test against an invading army of alien, robot invaders.

Weapon loadouts

Design your weapon loadouts before the level starts. Look for hints in your quest info. Exploit the powered-up combos unique to this level. Create broken, overpowered synergies between your weapons. And be sure you are happy with your design. Once you start the level; you are locked in to your choices.

VR Action

Now you need to actually pull of your grand strategy. That is going to be easier said then done. The evil alien leader will spawn wave after wave of mindless robot invaders. Make sure you use your weapons correctly; some are better suited against specific robots. Make sure you use your weapon loadouts properly to maximize the synergies you designed. Make sure you don’t miss and waste that powered up bazooka shot you created. And make sure to do it quickly. The invaders will do everything they can do destroy the castle that you are meant to protect.

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