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Fact Sheet

Developer: FunnerSoft based in Spokane, WA

Release Date: Feb 27 2019

Platforms: Steam (Windows)

Hardwear: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift + Touch, Windows Mixed Reality

Price: $14.99 USD



FunnerSoft is an independent game studio founded by me; Lester Bloom. I spent 17 years working on AAA games. My love for development and a head full of ideas eventually required that I leave the AAA space and go indie. We sold our house in Seattle, moved to a smaller and cheaper city, and used the earnings to make FunnerSoft a reality.


Design endless weapon loadouts. Create a plan to exploit the level. Then put it to the test against an invading army of alien, robot invaders. Intense VR action meets deep strategic planning in PlanTechtor.

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