Why I am a hypocrite

I talked a bit before about how I have built my own custom game engine. I started that somewhere around 2011 or so. I spent a few years worth of Saturdays building the engine, editor, and pipeline, and I have been happy with the results.

About 2 months ago or so I started to consider dropping my custom engine and moving over to Unity.

I weighed the pros and cons for a long time. I tried hard to ignore the personal attachment I had to my own custom engine. In the end I think there are a handful of things that I think my engine does better, but there are hundreds of things Unity does better. I evaluated Unity a little bit back around 2010 or so. It obviously didn't grab my attention then, but the powerhouse that it has become is truly amazing. I am confident that the few things I don't like about Unity now will not be issues in the coming years. Ultimately, I realized that there was no way I could advance my own engine nearly as fast as Unity is advancing.

So, yeah, I am eating my words now. I have dropped my custom engine and moved over to Unity. To be fair, I am pretty sure I never said "never". Oops .....

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